wool carpets

Top Trending Carpet Styles in 2024

In today’s world, carpets are often seen as ‘outdated’ or ‘old-fashioned’. Newly built and modern home designers are opting for…

18 Mar 2024
Builders laying down a laminate floor

Top 6 Benefits of Choosing Laminate Flooring for Your Home

Do you have laminate flooring in your home? If the answer is no, then you could be missing out on…

12 Jan 2024
Engineer Laying Heated Flooring

Which Flooring Can I Use With Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is often seen as a luxury due to its initial high cost. However, it can be a worthwhile…

28 Jul 2023
A sleek laminate flooring in a living room

Carpets Vs Laminate Flooring: Which Is The Best Choice?

When it comes to narrowing down flooring options, it can be quite a challenging decision due to the large variety…

21 Jun 2023
Cleaning A Laminate Flooring

How To Maintain Your Laminate Flooring

Once you install new laminate flooring into your home, you will be determined to keep it looking its best for…

23 May 2023
real wood oak engineered - wood flooring

What Are The Best Types Of Real Wood For Flooring?

When people think of types of wooden flooring, they tend to think of oak or ash wood floors. As a…

20 Mar 2023
A man laying laminate floor with tape measure

How To Lay Laminate Flooring

So you have purchased new laminate flooring for your home or business premises, or you are at least considering it.…

02 Mar 2023
Man pulling up carpet that needs replacing.

4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Carpet

Unfortunately, not all carpets can last forever and they need to be replaced at some point. While proper care and…

22 Feb 2023
2023 marked into a new carpet

New Year, New Carpets

The Christmas holidays have come to an end and many people have entered the new year wanting to make a…

05 Jan 2023
Clean Real Wood Flooring in Halesowen

LVT Flooring vs. Real Wood Flooring

When deciding on which flooring to choose in your home, you can be overwhelmed by the amount of different types…

15 Dec 2022