Located in scenic Cannock, our showroom has everything you need if you’re looking for a new flooring surface for your home including a full range of products to browse through. While browsing our range, our experts will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

LVTs in Cannock

Our LVTs or Luxury Vinyl Tiles are excellent surfacing solutions. Suitable for commercial premises and situations, LVTs are ideal where the decorator is looking for an extremely modular solution. This is because, as their name suggests, LVTs are made up of dozens or even hundreds of small tiles. Not only does this give you a lot of options when it comes to personalising your floor to meet your own requirements, but it also means that LVTs are easily repaired ensuring less stress for you. 

While LVTs are often found in commercial buildings, they are also found in other spaces. For example, it’s not uncommon to find LVTs in university halls of residence or other education establishments. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality surfacing solution, get in touch with Value Carpets and Flooring. 

Carpets in Cannock

Carpeting has existed for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. From small rugs to multi-floor carpets, most homes in the UK have at least one carpet in them. Likewise, carpet has seen something of a resurgence in popularity in the industrial and commercial space since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A high-quality and stylish carpet can reinvigorate your property. If you think your commercial property or home is missing something, it could be a new sleek carpet. 

At our showroom in Cannock, we have a wide range of carpets to suit your needs – whether they be commercial or residential. Visit our showroom in Cannock to browse our range of carpets to find the carpet for your home or office today.

Real Wood Flooring in Cannock

A well-cut and laid real wood floor is a work of art which will last longer than a lot of other flooring types – real wood floors have an expected lifespan of decades instead of years. At Value Carpets and Flooring, we specialise in providing our customers with high-quality, expertly cut and laid real wood flooring in Cannock.

One particular area we specialise in is engineered flooring. This is where multiple layers of wood have been stacked below a final layer of solid wood. Not only does this create an incredibly durable surface, but it also ensures an incredible level of energy efficiency – which is more important than ever these days! 

The solid and engineered real wood flooring in our showroom comes in different colours and styles, ensuring you will find the perfect real wood flooring for your home or business premises in Cannock or surrounding areas.


Laminate Flooring in Cannock

While real wood flooring is a great option, but it’s  not the only one if you’re looking for a hard flooring solution. Our laminate flooring is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for hard flooring but need a few more options than are available using real wood flooring. Our laminate flooring comes in a range of sizing options – from 7mm to 12mm – colours, and styles, including herringbone

At Value Carpets and Flooring, we specialise in providing first-class laminate flooring in Cannock. To learn more about our range of laminate flooring options, visit our Cannock showroom today.

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At Value Carpets and Flooring, you will find a great selection of LVTs, carpets, real wood floors and laminate flooring in Cannock. Visit our Cannock showroom today to find the best flooring for your home, business or organisation.

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