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Top Trending Carpet Styles in 2024

18 Mar 2024

In today’s world, carpets are often seen as ‘outdated’ or ‘old-fashioned’. Newly built and modern home designers are opting for LVT or hardwood flooring instead of sticking to traditions. Nonetheless, carpets add warmth, comfort, luxury and softness underfoot, making a house feel more like a home. Additionally, the softness of carpets helps to reduce the noise of heavy footsteps, meaning homeowners can enjoy more peace and quiet in a busy household. 

Choosing the right carpet for your home can significantly transform it. Whether you have an interest in interior design or you are looking for carpet inspiration, continue reading as we go through the top trending carpet styles in 2024. 

1) Staircase Carpet & Runners

If your home features a staircase, you have the option of adding a staircase carpet or a runner. In most UK homes, the staircase is located in the hallway and it is one of the first features guests notice walking into your home – you will want to make a good first impression here. Wooden staircases alone look bare and require polishing to maintain their appearance. On the other hand, staircase carpet instantly adds elegance and is far safer – wooden stairs alone tend to be slippery. 

If you wish to keep the appearance of your painted wooden staircase, you can opt for a staircase runner instead. This is a strip of carpet fitted to the middle of the staircase, leaving the painted wood exposed on each side. Additionally, a staircase carpet or a runner helps to maintain the surface of your staircase. 

2) Stripes

Adding striped carpets is a great way to elongate a space, however, the direction of the stripes can make a huge difference. If you have a narrow hallway, horizontal stripes can help the space appear wider. On the other hand, vertical stripes will give the illusion of a longer space. Striped carpet also adds interest by drawing the eye. For a subtle interest, stick to narrow bands of neutral colours. For a striking effect, look for carpets with various bands of neutral and bold colours such as greens, blues and terracotta. 

3) Herringbone

Similar to stripes, herringbone is mostly associated with laminate flooring. In saying this, carpets are also available in herringbone styles. Not only does herringbone carpet look aesthetically beautiful, but it can also elongate a space due to its diagonal lines and angles, which draw the eye outward. This trend is ideal for commercial spaces and for those who don’t like the appearance of stripes. 

4) Neutral Colours

There is a reason why neutral-coloured carpets are a bestseller. No matter the year or trend, beige, taupe, ivory and grey carpets are always a timeless option. Neutral colours go well with most interior styles. Whether you want to add colourful wallpaper or bold sofa cushions, neutral carpets blend in seamlessly with accent pieces to make them stand out.

5) Sustainable Materials & Recycled Blends

2024 is the year for sustainable carpets and recycled blends. With the increase in eco-friendly living, homeowners are opting for carpets made from 100% wool. As a natural and renewable material, wool carpets are ideal for those who value sustainability, warmth and durability. Wool carpets can also be recycled and repurposed in the future. Recycled blends are also on trend. Man-made carpets such as nylon and polyester can be easily manufactured from recycled plastics.

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