Man pulling up carpet that needs replacing.

4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Carpet

22 Feb 2023

Unfortunately, not all carpets can last forever and they need to be replaced at some point. While proper care and maintenance can prolong the condition of them, over time ageing signs can start to appear and affect their appearance and performance. In this article, we have listed the 4 main signs it may be time to replace your current carpet.

1) Wear and Tear

No matter how much you maintain a carpet, you can’t prevent natural wear and tear. If your carpet is older than 10 years, you might spot unevenness, wrinkling, colour fade, rips or tears. Heavy footfall on a regular basis makes the carpet fibres lose their original softness and become flattened or matted. If you can relate, your carpet won’t last for much longer and will need to be replaced.

2) Stains

Along with wear and tear, old stubborn stains are another common indication it’s time to throw out your old carpet. Remember the time you accidentally spilt red wine over your light-coloured carpet? Most stains can be simply removed with carpet cleaners and professional cleaning but it can’t guarantee to remove 100% of stains. It might not remove the stain completely and fade it instead

Stains on a carpet can be hidden by rearranging your furniture to cover it, however it will never look as good again. The only thing that it is guaranteed to remove 100% of stubborn stains is a carpet replacement.

3) Foul Odours

If you notice a foul or musty smell in the air, even after a professional cleaning, this is most likely caused by pet odour or dampness on the padding or on the floor under the carpet. When pet odour or moisture stands around, it can leave a lingering unpleasant smell in the room. In this case, you might be better off investing in a new carpet installation rather than regular professional cleaning which can be quite costly.

4) Increased Allergy Symptoms

Pet hair, dust and debris can build up in the carpet fibres. These particles can be extremely hard to remove, even with the most powerful vacuum cleaner. If you have noticed yourself or others coughing or sneezing more often, this could be the cause of it. You might want to change out your dusty carpet for a wool carpet as it’s naturally hypoallergenic and it can absorb allergens including dust and pollen. Otherwise, switching to hard-wood flooring is a great alternative to carpets. Not only will a new installation improve the room’s overall appearance but it will also decrease allergy symptoms and improve health.

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