Solid oak flooring fitting job in hall and staircase

How to Choose Wood Flooring?

09 Dec 2019

Wood flooring adds a sense of charm and character to your home. With so many species of wood, colours, tones and grains to choose from, where do you start? Not only that, not all types of wood flooring are the same. Do you opt for solid wood or an engineered wood product? Here at Value Carpets & Flooring, we have a range of options to transform the rooms within your house and create the basis upon which the rest of your décor and furniture will be shown at their best.

Your Options for Wood Flooring

We have two options of wood flooring at Value Carpets and Flooring.

Solid wood flooring are boards fashioned out of timber from a single species of tree. These can be hardwoods which come from trees with a slower growth rate. Oak and walnut are examples of these. Other options are softer woods such as pine can be a more cost effective alternative. Don’t be fooled by the term softwood, as these also offer excellent longevity and durability too. You can find out more about the pros and cons of real wood flooring in our Real Wood Flooring Buying Guide.

Engineered wooden flooring differs in that the top layer is a thinner layer of real wood. It is adhered to a series of thinner sub layers to give it strength and durability. This makes it a cost effective option giving you the real wood appearance with the strength of contemporary flooring technology.

All floors are prone to expansion and movement in three directions be it radial, tangential or longitudinal due to normal temperature and humidity changes in your home. Engineered floors are designed and made to limit this natural movement.

Ask Your Wood Flooring Specialist

Our team at Value Carpets & Flooring are wood flooring specialists. Deciding upon the best option for your home will require the following considerations:

  • What is your budget?
    We can help you match the best value product to your budget.
  • Which room will it be going into?
    Some rooms need to withstand heavier traffic than others and some rooms are more humid than others. We can assist you to find the correct type of flooring for each room in your home.
  • Do you have under floor heating?
    Engineered wood rather than solid wood will be best for this.
  • Do you want pre treated or treated on site?
    The benefit of having a pre treated floor prior to installation is that you know exactly what it will look like. You can concentrate on the rest of the colour palette of the space, matching the right furniture, and vice versa.
  • What size is the room?
    We can accurately measure up the floor area and give you an accurate quote.
  • Do you need the floor installing?
    We always advise getting a professional installation, and we have a highly skilled team who can do this for you. Please contact us to arrange a consultation and to provide a no obligation quote.

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