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Why Vinyl Laminate Flooring is Great For Living Rooms

25 Jan 2022

At Value Carpets and Flooring, we love Vinyl Laminate Flooring, and we believe that they are one of the best options if you want to revitalise your living room floor. In this article, we’ll be going through some of these reasons why we believe vinyl laminate flooring is a great choice for living rooms. As you can see, the reasons are pretty thorough. 

These reasons are: 

Easy to Install and Maintain

Unlike solid wood flooring, which must be cut to a specific shape before it can be laid and which must be carefully planned out way in advance, vinyl laminate flooring comes in easily attachable pieces which simply have to be slotted into shape. This makes it far easier to install than Vinyl Laminate Flooring. 

As well as that, Vinyl Laminate Flooring doesn’t have any of the weaknesses of real wood – meaning it is not warped by moisture in the way that traditional wooden flooring is. As a result, Vinyl Laminate Flooring is also much easier to maintain than traditional wooden flooring. 

Similar Aesthetics

Most vinyl laminate flooring is based on real wood patterns. As a result, if you feel yourself to be particularly attracted to the looks of a real wooden floor, you can easily replicate them with vinyl laminate flooring. This, combined with the next points, makes Vinyl Laminate Flooring a great choice for the living room. 

More Choice

To put it simply, Vinyl Laminate Flooring offers a much wider choice of colours and styles than traditional wooden flooring. Whether you’re looking for a dark-stained faux wood effect or a brighter equivalent, such things can easily be found in our vinyl laminate flooring range. Furthermore, vinyl laminate flooring comes in various sizes and lengths – allowing you to more easily cover your living room than would otherwise be possible.

More Affordable

The next reason, simply put, is that using real wood flooring to cover an entire living room floor can be prohibitively expensive, depending on the size of your floor and size of your budget. In contrast, vinyl laminate flooring is a great choice for large rooms, especially when there is a set budget.

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Our wide selection of Vinyl Laminate Flooring comes pre-finished, allowing you to just slot your new floor into place. For more information about our range of  Vinyl Laminate Flooring, Real Wood Flooring, or any of our other flooring products, get in touch with Value Carpets and Flooring today.

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