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Making Vinyl Floor Tiles Work in Your Bathroom

04 Feb 2020

Vinyl floor tiles are not just ideal for your living rooms and bedrooms – they also look great in your bathroom!
Value Carpets and Flooring specialise in luxury vinyl tiles which are extremely popular in commercial and domestic properties.
For our latest blog, we are going to explain how we install vinyl floor tiles around basins and toilets in bathrooms.

Transforming Your Bathroom Design

The first step to installing vinyl tiles in your bathroom is to use a thin card or paper as a cutting guide plus depending on your tiles you may need different templates for different shapes of tiles.
After cutting a thin card or paper the size of your tiles, we will then cut slits on the side where the pedestal will fit and position the template against the pedestal with the flaps fringing it. We will then press the flaps against the pedestal using a blunt knife and tape the paper to the floor then draw a pencil line where the pedestal and floor meet.

Next, our installation team will remove the template and cut away the flaps but making sure that the pencil guideline remains.

Now the template needs to be placed on a tile and if the tiles have a directional pattern, we will ensure that the tile we are going to cut is the right way round. Our installers will draw the guideline on the tile and cut it using a craft knife then peel off the backing paper and fit your tile.

Choose Value Carpets for your Tiling Needs

If you have never considered vinyl floor tiles, we have the following options from our extensive range to choose from –

β€’ White Porcelain
β€’ Beige Stone
β€’ Black Sparkle

Even though our prices are low, don’t think that this means we compromise on quality, as we import many of our flooring options from manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland.
If you would like to know more about any of our products, please contact us today or pay one of our showrooms a visit, based in Cannock and Birmingham.

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