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Using laminate flooring in commercial settings

21 Aug 2021

A common question we often get here at Value Carpets and Flooring is – can laminate flooring be used in commercial settings?

The answer is yes! Laminates can definitely be used in commercial settings, as they require minimal maintenance and can be made to withstand the heavy traffic that is commonplace in commercial spaces.

Some of the most popular uses of laminate floors are in fitness and yoga studios, offices, salons, boutiques, apartment complexes, photography studios plus cafes.

How do I know my laminate flooring is Commercial Grade?

Laminate floors can be designed specifically to withstand heavy traffic but it is best to check the AC Rating of the floor. This is the best way to know if laminates are made for commercial spaces.

Laminate floors are rated for durability with the AC rating, which is aimed at determining where particular laminates are better suited to be installed by testing the durability of the floor to varying amounts of traffic. Laminates are rated from AC1 to AC5 with the highest AC rating translating to being the most durable floor.

  • AC1 – Modest Residential Use
  • AC2 – General Residential Use
  • AC3 – Heavy Residential Use
  • AC4 – General Commercial Use
  • AC5 – Heavy Commercial Use

Knowing the AC rating of the laminates is important as if you are expecting heavy commercial use, you will need floors with a higher AC rating.

What are the benefits?

Laminates are a great option for commercial settings for the following reasons –

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Wear layer that will stand up to high traffic areas
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Affordable
  • A number of different styles to fit your established decor

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