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Surprising Facts About Laminate Flooring

04 Jan 2021

Laminate flooring has become one of the most popular choices for homeowners across Birmingham and nearby areas.

Our experts here at Value Carpets and Flooring know all about laminate floors, including some facts that you may not have heard before. For this blog, we are going to share those facts with you about laminated flooring.

6 Facts You May Not Know About Laminate Flooring

1. Eco Friendly – Laminate is created primarily from high-density fibreboard, which is made out of pressing wood chips together with plenty of force. Unlike solid hardwood, wood chips come from any part of a tree, meaning that an entire tree is not cut down to create these floors.

2. It Can Be Installed On Top of Other Flooring – Laminate is sometimes referred to as a ‘floating floor’, meaning it can be installed on top of clean, flat existing floors without using nails or anything else that will damage the floor beneath.

3. Locking System – This locking system keeps the laminate together with each piece locked together using a special method which ensures your new flooring is flat and practically seamless.

4. Laminated Floors Cannot Be Refinished – Laminate is made using a thin top layer of material which covers the high-density fibreboard. This layer creates the design of your laminated floor to resemble hardwood. The thin layer cannot be sanded or refinished like solid hardwood.

5. Harder than Hardwood – High-density fibreboard is one of the hardest wood materials available, which means it is less likely to be gouged or dented than hardwood.

6. It Is Made With a Printer – The top layer of laminated floors are made with a printer. The thin layer is known as ‘living paper’ and is created through a 3D printing process which makes your laminate look like hardwood. The living paper is then covered with coats of aluminium oxide to help resist scratches and any other damage.

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