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Why you should consider laminate flooring for your bedroom

19 Jul 2021

Laminate flooring is a cost-effective, low-maintenance flooring option that has a number of applications all through your home – including bedrooms.

Bedrooms are typically fairly light on traffic so having laminate floors can be a frugal way to achieve the look of more expensive flooring such as hardwood or ceramic tile. They are easy to install thanks to their tongue and groove connection method which allows them to be simply clicked into place.

For this blog, we will share a handful of advantages that will convince you that laminates are the best option for your bedroom.

Bedrooms look so much better with laminate flooring

Won’t break the bank – Wood laminate is an economical choice for flooring, especially when compared to other materials such as carpet, hardwood, ceramics and cork.

Mimics more expensive materials – Despite the aforementioned low cost, laminates can be manufactured to look similar to premium products such as hardwood. While you may be able to tell the difference when walking on it, it can be hard to distinguish laminates when simply looking at them.

Easy to maintain – One of the best things about laminates is how easy they are to clean. They are also resistant to dust and small allergen particles and regular maintenance by sweeping or vacuuming will keep the surface free of loose and floating debris. By removing small dirt particles, you will be able to maintain the surface’s integrity. If you do decide to mop your laminate floor, make sure to go over the main surface with a dry cloth to remove excess drops and splashes as it can be damaged if water soaks through seams.

Easy to install – Laminate floors typically come in rigid planks that assemble with a modified tongue-and-groove system known as ‘click-lock’. It is extremely easy to install, with our team having your new floor ready in no time.

Unlimited design options – With laminates, you aren’t restricted by the properties of natural materials. There are finer species of hardwood flooring that can be replicated by laminate planks which also have the uniformity you can’t achieve with natural stone or wood. Because of their machine manufacturing, laminates will give your bedroom that looks perfect.

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