Post-Lockdown Office Flooring

25 May 2021

For many people, we have been back in the office for a couple of months now. While many of us are glad to be back in the company of our colleagues, others might have much preferred the view back at home. So what about changing the view slightly, and swapping out that well-worn office flooring?

Office Flooring

Office flooring will typically see more footfall than a standard home. Meaning that your standard household flooring may not be sufficient enough to last the test of time. So which flooring are you considering for your office and how will it hold up?


For many years we have seen carpets and carpet tiles in offices up and down the UK. But has carpet in offices come to the end of its reign?
Carpet is great in a household environment, however, with the heavy footfall we see in offices, it can start to look worn fairly quickly, even if the carpet is considered hardwearing. You will also notice that carpet marks and stains more easily than alternatives, leaving your floor possible looking older than it is. Desk chairs will also have a negative impact on carpeting as it will wear the carpet down quickly.
While we don’t love carpet for the main office, you might want to consider a hardwearing carpet for the break room to give it a cosier feel.


Laminate flooring in offices has started to increase in popularity over recent years for many reasons. Firstly, laminate flooring is great if there are a number of desk chairs moving around in front of desks as they shouldn’t leave any marks behind.
With laminate flooring, you can replace any sections that become damaged over time, allowing your floor to look fresher for longer. Alongside easy to replace, laminate flooring is also easy to clean, meaning that any spillages are easy to mop up without the risk of damage or staining

Real Wood Flooring

There has been an increase in the use of real wood and engineered wood flooring in the home. But can this stunning flooring choice also be used in the office successfully? The answer is, it can, but it can also be an expensive, heavy and time-consuming option.
Real wood flooring can be heavy over large spaces, so your flooring structure will need inspecting to ensure that the weight will be stable in the space. Alongside the weight, real wood flooring requires regular maintenance in order to keep it looking healthy and attractive. Over time, use can see the wood starting to look discoloured or distressed, regular wood treatments and preservative can help to preserve the wood, but you will need to ensure that these are scheduled in.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

The modern answer to vinyl is luxury vinyl tiles. Modern technology has enhanced the structure and durability of vinyl flooring to create great hardwearing flooring, which is safe for any environment. LVT’s are widely advertised as being a great choice for your commercial space as they are easy to clean, along with being extremely durable. Unlike older types of vinyl, it is difficult to damage LVTs without excessive force, meaning that they can withstand desk chairs, heavy footfall and even the odd desk move around the office.
LVT are available in a range of different designs, meaning that no matter the style in your office, there will be the right aesthetic for you.

Overall, we often recommend looking at either a high-quality thicker laminate or Luxury Vinyl Tiles, depending on your preference and office. Both options are durable under heavy footfall, with the ability to withstand the movement of desk chairs. You can also replace smaller sections if they become worn or damaged over time.

For more information on the best flooring for your office, please contact a member of our friendly team today who will be happy to advise you further. Check back to our latest news for other flooring ideas for your home and business.

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