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Picking The Right Flooring For Your Office

03 Feb 2022

It used to be that you could put vinyl carpet tiles down or just lay a carpet and the job would be done: you could call that a day. That would be the floor of your office space for years or even decades. These floors were perfunctory and quite dull. In the last ten years or so, however, there has been something of a renaissance in terms of office decorations. No where  is that more true than when it comes to office flooring.  

Quite simply: carpet tiles are out, hard floors are in. 

In 2022, the three best options for office flooring are Carpet, Laminate Flooring, and Real Wood Flooring. In this article we’ll be going over these three great choices.  Our goal will be to give you an honest examination of the pros and cons of each floor type, so that you can make your own decision. 


Perhaps the most traditional of your three options currently available, carpets help to give your office space a calm, relaxed feeling, one similar to the feeling you’d get from home. This makes carpets a great idea for industries where individuality and creativity is prized, such as marketing, publishing, or journalism. Carpets are also great for doctors’ offices, as they help to put patients at ease. Furthermore, because carpets come  in various colours, you can really make the space your own. 

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is a type of mass produced flooring which slots together. Whilst one of the cheaper options on the list, Laminate Flooring is nonetheless one of our favourite options. Not only does it replicate the feeling of real wood flooring, as well as its unique look, but it does it in a cost effective manner. Furthermore, thanks to their design,  they are easily cleanable. This makes them well suited to industrial spaces or faux-industrial spaces, like web development companies. 

Real Wood Flooring

Real Wood Flooring is a beautiful addition to any space – both for the home and for the office. The beautiful grain, combined with the fact that every installation must be precisely and individually designed, makes real wood flooring the ideal choice for offices looking to make a bold choice when it comes to appearances: law firms, large marketing companies, or doctors offices. 

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