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Maintaining Wood Flooring with Pets

10 Feb 2020

If you have a cat or dog you may think that wood flooring will be difficult to maintain, but here at Value Carpets and Flooring, we think differently.
From our two showrooms in Cannock and Birmingham, we offer customers an unmatched variety of flooring options for all types of homes.
For our latest blog, we are going to share our tips to help you maintain your pet-packed household.

Choosing the Right Flooring for Pets

Hardwood flooring is actually ideal for pets, but we would recommend choosing one of the stronger species of hardwood.
Hardwood flooring is easy to clean which means you can easily clean away dirty paw marks or any little accidents plus you will be able to easily spot pet hair and sweep it away. Unlike carpets or rugs, there is nowhere for pet hair to hide.

All hardwood is scientifically tested for hardness and put on a scale, with Maple and Hickory among the strongest with oak relatively durable whereas Walnut is much softer and not recommended.

3 Tips for Pet Owners with Hardwood Flooring

• Always keep your pet’s claws clipped as short as possible as this will eliminate the risk of them scratching the surface of your flooring.
• If your flooring becomes scratched or marked, you have the option of sanding back the surface and have the hardwood floor re-finished.
• Keep a towel or cloth by your front door to allow you to clean any wet or dirty paws before they walk on your wooden flooring.

The Difference Between Engineered and Solid Wood Flooring

Value Carpets and Flooring offer two types of timber flooring and we are going to explain the difference between engineered real and solid wood flooring.
Engineered real wood flooring consists of a multi-layered plank with a final layer of solid wood on top.
Alternatively, solid wood is the ultimate luxury flooring which will last a lifetime and can be sanded and stained to a different colour.

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