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What are the Main Advantages of Real Wood Flooring?

01 Oct 2020

Real wood flooring from Value Carpets and Flooring has many advantages over different types of flooring available on the market.

Adding warmth, character and style to any property whether old or new, wood floors are one of the best choices for your home.

While the initial cost will be slightly higher than carpets, they will last a lifetime when maintained regularly and necessary repairs are carried out correctly. Alternatively, carpets do not fare as well over time regarding general wear and tear and you could find yourself replacing these far more often; making them cost you more time and money than initially expected.

4 Reasons to Choose Real Wood Flooring

1. Durability – Wood floors, whether solid or engineered are highly durable surfaces that are resistant to every wear and tear. As they are natural products, they hold warmth far better than any many-made surface, making them more comfortable underfoot, especially in winter.

2. Maintenance and Hygiene – General maintenance and cleaning of wood floors could not be simpler. They are more resistant to liquid spills and dirt, which can be wiped or brushed away. This gives you a little more peace of mind when it comes to cleaning up after children or pets.

Wood floors are also more hygienic than carpets, as they do not harbour parasites such as fleas, dust, mites, ticks or allergen producing spores. Any unpleasant odours left behind by pets or liquids that have been spilt can be simply wiped up.

3. Timeless Style – Wood floors offer a timeless appeal that can be overlooked plus it will never suffer going out of fashion. No one plank is ever the same so colour and shade variances will add a more authentic and natural appeal to your floors. Real wood flooring has been used for centuries, with durability that makes it a worthwhile investment. If your wood floors do start to look tired, you can simply sand and seal the wood again, reviving it instantly to its original state.

4. Invest in Your Home – Price and budget will always be a factor when buying new flooring. Wooden flooring varies in price, meaning you will always find something to meet your budget. Wood floors are a great investment whether you are adding them to your own property or rented accommodation. The aesthetic appeal to prospective buyers or tenants will definitely be increased giving you a better chance of a quick agreement with either party.

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