laminate stairs

Is laminate stairs a good choice?

07 Aug 2021

While plenty of people will consider laminate flooring for rooms all over their homes, did you know that laminate can be used on stairs?

While you may think laminating is an extraordinary decision for some stairways, there is a number of motivations to pick laminate.

For this post, we will give you a breakdown of why your laminate will enhance your revamped home design.

Reasons to choose laminated staircases

Easier to clean – Laminate floors are significantly easier to be cleaned when compared to a carpet. They don’t amass soil, hair and other sorts of dirt that would make it harder to clean. Rather than battling with a hoover, you can effectively mop up any residue.

Less damage to the original floor than carpet – If you are facing the previously mentioned dilemma, between carpet and laminate floors – remember laminate will cause significantly less damage to the original floor. Snap-in laminate sheets or tiles will do less harm to the first ground surface.

Fast and easy installation – Finally, installing laminate is much easier than fitting a carpet on your stairs or in a room. If you do decide to change your taste at a later stage, laminate floors offer the best alternatives with plenty of colour schemes and styles available. If you are wavering between carpet and laminates, why not try laminate first?

Indistinguishable from real wood – Laminate floors are practically indistinguishable from real wood planks. The printed image has improved so much over the years that it actually resembles the natural wood that inspired it. You will also get the chance to mix up the design by using two different patterns to create something truly unique and noteworthy.

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