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Getting to Know Brands of Laminate Flooring

17 Feb 2020

Here at Value Carpets and Flooring, we work with some of the biggest manufacturers of laminate flooring from all over the world.
If you don’t know much about brands such as Kronotex or Egger don’t fear, we have got you covered as we are going to tell you more about them and plenty more.

The Finest Manufactured Laminate Flooring

Here are five examples of manufacturers we work with to give our customers unmatched variety of laminated flooring.

Kronotex – Kronotex laminate floors offer you enormous latitude and are characterised by unique aesthetics and high quality. Their wide-ranging decors have something for everyone; giving you the best conceivable laminate floors for every room or requirement.

Quick-Step – Quick-Step’s wide choice of laminate floor designs will help you to create an extraordinary home design. Their impeccable quality is backed up by decades of experience as one of the leading flooring influencers.

Egger – Egger has been a laminate manufacturer for over 20 years right across Europe, with a product that balances visual appeal and creating a feel-good ambience. Their high-quality laminate is very durable and universally usable with all timber sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Balterio – Balterio pride themselves on adding value to customers through their brand of laminate floors. Their range is strong, stable plus wear, scratch and impact resistant. Balterio’s laminate floors are hardly distinguishable from real wood with unprecedented contrast and depth.

Falquon – Falquon laminate surfaces offer a natural look with the luminous effect of the high gloss surface which is perfect for living rooms or even industrial and commercial areas with light use. Our collection of Falquon laminate flooring is available in a host of colours that will complement any trendy decor.

Value Carpets for All Your Flooring Needs

If you are looking for any of the brands we have talked about above or any others, please get in touch today.
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