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Keeping your real wood flooring warm this autumn

01 Sep 2021

Real wood flooring from Value Carpets and Flooring is a popular choice for homeowners across Birmingham. Add a level of luxury, character and elegance to any room, this type of flooring is one of the best when it comes to style and durability.

As autumn approaches, we are gonna provide some tips for how to deal with the cold and keep your home warm and cosy.

During colder months wood floors can get chilly, although some types have been designed to provide a warmer touch, although not quite as warm as vinyl or carpet.

For this blog, we will tell you all you need to know about warming up wooden floors as the leaves start to turn brown.

Tips on keeping real wood flooring warm

Consider Underfloor Heating – While a number of solid wood floors are unsuitable for use with underfloor heating, some are safely compatible. If you have invested in engineered wood floors, they could be designed to work specifically with underfloor heating.

Use area rugs – If your wood floor isn’t suitable for underfloor heating, you could consider adding area rugs to greatly enhance its warmth. This is also a much more affordable option if you are working on a budget.

Look at adding rugs to the coldest spots of the floor, such as hallways and entranceways. A large rug in your lounge makes it warmer underfoot in the autumn and winter.

Reduce draughts – Adding weatherproofing strips to windows and doors will help prevent draughts. You can also consider adding insulation to lofts and walls, which will make big difference in keeping the cold out.

As you can see there are a number of ways to keep your wooden floors warmer during autumn and into winter. No matter what your budget, taking on one of our tips will help benefit your floor’s comfort.

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