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Installing Laminate Flooring on Stairs

10 Jan 2020

Installing laminate flooring is relatively straight-forward but navigating areas such as staircases can be a little trickier.
Value Carpets and Flooring are the specialist supplier and installer of laminated floors in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. We have over 500 laminate options to choose from with the choice of engineered and solid real wood floors.

For our latest post, we have created a handy eight-step guide to explain in more detail how laminated floors are installed on staircases.

8 Steps to Laminate Staircases

  1. Remove Existing Flooring and Underlay – The first step is to have your existing floor and underlay removed. Once you have a bare staircase, all paint and adhesive need removing then any protruding nails need hammering down. The stairs will then need a thorough brush down to create a clean and even surface.
  2. Remove Overhang – Some stairs have an overhang from existing nosing (the protruding edge of the stair), which needs removing before your laminated flooring can be installed. The overhang is removed by cutting it away using a jigsaw or nail a piece of plywood to the riser which fills the space underneath.
  3. Laying Underlay – Underlay improves acoustics and creates a more comfortable feel underfoot, which is important for high traffic areas of the home such as your stairs. Choosing the right underlay for your laminate is crucial before you have your flooring installed.
  4. Cut Laminates to Size – Next, your laminate needs cutting to a specific size. For each step, you need three pieces of laminate, the tread piece which sits on top of the step, the riser piece which sits vertically on the front of the step and finally the stair nosing which hangs over the front of the step.
  5. Lay the Tread – Laminate needs time to dry before you can walk on it, so we start your installation at the top of the stairs and work downwards which avoids getting stuck upstairs! Using wood adhesive, our installers glue your tread to the first step which ensures it lies tightly against the back of the step with the tongue facing outwards.
  6. Fit the Riser – Now we glue your riser piece of laminate to the vertical front of the step and hold it in place while it sets.
  7. Add the Nosing – Once your riser and tread are secured, the next step is adding your nosing which acts as an edge trim for each step.
  8. Leave for 12 Hours – Once your staircase is finished you will need to leave to set overnight and avoid walking on it for 12 hours.

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