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How to Care for Wood Floors

16 Dec 2019

A wood floor looks fantastic in your home and even with plenty of other types on the market, it is still a flooring option many aspire to as it shows a warmth and character unlike any other. You’ve just had your new real wood floor installed and now you, your family and pets can start to live with it and admire it. But how should you care for it? Having a wood floor is an investment in your property and you want to keep it in top condition.

Maintaining Wood Floors

Value Carpets and Flooring has some handy hints, tips and advice to ensure that your hard floor maintains its appearance for many years to come. Wood flooring is naturally robust but you must practice regular care and cleaning to stop it becoming tarnished, scratched and marked.

Prevention is definitely better a cure in this context. Try to stop dirt and grit from getting onto the floor in the first place by removing outdoor shoes before you walk on it. Wiping shoes on an outdoor mat before entering your house, taking off your shoes and leaving them in a porch, garage or shoe rack will stop debris which could cause scratches from laying on the surface.

Wipe over with a dry microfibre cloth or mop to trap and remove dirt each day. If vacuuming, use the correct attachment. A rotational beater bar can cause scratches.

Put soft pads on the bottom of furniture legs. If moving tables and chairs, don’t drag them as this can cause dents and scrapes.

Mop up spillages straight away. Allowing water and drinks to settle and soak into the wood can cause warping and staining. Avoid strong stain removing agents and vigorous scrubbing if possible as this can lead to discolouration. Do not use a wet mop for cleaning.

If damage does occur to wood floors with an oiled, lacquered, or varnished finish, it is possible to make spot repairs and recoat.

Once a year a wood floor can be retreated to refresh them. A solid real wood floor can be sanded down and recoated many times during its lifetime. Engineered wood flooring can also be treated in this way, but as the top layer only is wood the number of times this is possible will be down to its thickness of the veneer.

Wood Floors from Value Carpets and Flooring

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