Hard Flooring vs Carpet 

01 Feb 2021

If you’re planning renovations to your home, you might be considering the different types of flooring options out there, particularly whether you should choose hard flooring or carpet. 

At Value Carpets and Flooring, we offer both hard flooring and carpet options, read on for our handy guide to help you choose between them… 

The benefits of hard flooring 

Hard flooring is an extremely versatile option, with various materials and styles now available on the market. The main benefit of hard flooring over carpet, is the ease of maintenance that comes with hard flooring. Hard flooring is extremely durable, and far more resistant to spills and dirt than carpet. 

Hard flooring is a far more hygienic option, in comparison to carpet, it’s much easier to keep clean and free of dirt and bacteria, and it doesn’t trap dust and allergens in the same way that carpet does. For this reason it’s a fantastic choice for households with allergies, or crawling children, and it also makes a fantastic choice for kitchens, dining rooms and entrance halls in any home, as dirt and spills can easily be cleaned up. 

Hard flooring is also a fantastic neutral choice, allowing you to have the same flooring throughout your home, even with different décor choices in each room. Hard flooring also provides a beautiful, modern finish so it’s a fantastic contemporary alternative to carpet. 

The benefits of carpet 

Carpet on the other hand, does carry its own benefits. Carpets are a far more comfortable alternative to hard flooring, particularly if you like to move around your home in bare feet! In addition, carpets also retain heat better than hard flooring, to help keep your home feeling cosier during the colder months. Carpets also provide a wider range of options in terms of colour and pattern, so you can choose carpet options that suit your home’s style. 

Along with carpets’ heat retaining qualities, they also help to reduce noise in the home too, by absorbing noise from voices, electronics and footsteps, generally, carpeted homes tend to be quieter then homes with mainly hard flooring. 

Whether you choose carpet or hard flooring for your home, we offer a range of materials and styles, so you’ll have no problem choosing the perfect flooring for your home!

If you have any questions about our flooring options, please do not hesitate to contact Value Carpets and Flooring today. Our dedicated customer service team will be more than happy to help.

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