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Grey Laminate Flooring Explained

14 Aug 2021

Grey laminate flooring from Value Carpets and Flooring provides an ideal opportunity to transform modern decor at an affordable price.

Created with a realistic wood-effect design, the floor brings the beauty of solid oak to living spaces while offering all the advantages of laminate. Treated with an anti-bacterial coating and made of premium quality materials, the planks are easy to clean making them low maintenance.

Unlike solid wood flooring, this laminate does not require sanding or oil treatments to preserve its good looks. The AC3 rating and the 6mm thickness make grey a perfect choice for both medium and high foot traffic areas in a modern home.

How grey laminate flooring can be used in your home

Add an elegant aspect to rooms with grey laminates, without taking away from the beauty of your other decor. You can combine this type of flooring with black and white for a minimalist theme, or combine with bold colours to really make them pop. From slate-like dark grey laminate floors to light grey oak effect laminates, their versatility is clear, allowing you to redecorate easily.

What are the advantages?

Add creative flair – Let your creativity run wild with numerous colours and finishing options. From stone to wood looks, there is a perfect finish to match any interior.

Scratch and stain resistance – Laminate has excellent scratch and stain resistance which means it can handle anything thrown at it.

Can be used in kitchens and bathrooms – Because of its water resistance, laminates can be installed in every room of the house.

Innovative click system – The innovative click system makes laminates straightforward to install. Once firmly in place and as we’ve already mentioned they require very little maintenance.

Installation over concrete – Laminate floors can be laid on a concrete floor surface, provided it’s not damp and free of debris. The concrete floor also needs to be free of debris or cracks, otherwise, the tiles will eventually sag into the gap.

Suitable for pets – Laminates are suitable for pets as long your pet’s nails are kept short.

Eco-friendly – According to NALFA, laminates are eco-friendly as they are free of solvents, preservatives, and other chemicals that could agitate allergies and asthma.

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