Fitting Your Flooring

26 Feb 2021

When it comes to kitting your home out with new flooring, you might be wondering if it is best to fit the flooring yourself, you get in a professional to get the job done for you. We’ve pulled together some information on fitting certain types of flooring, and we will let you decide if you want to go for it yourself, or whether you will have us get the job done.

Fitting Laminate Flooring

When it comes to laminate flooring, there is little more that is important to do then getting the measurements and cuts perfect. As a standard, laminate flooring offers a click in place feature. This means that each of your laminate boards will click and lock together. Sounds easy right? Now for the important part. When it comes to getting your boards correct, when you are at the edges, they will need to be fitted tightly at all four walls. If you have small gaps and spaces, your boards can come loose over time, meaning you will have movement and creaking throughout.
There are a number of different thicknesses of laminate flooring, this is important to remember when it comes to laying your flooring, and your edging.

Fitting Carpets

Carpets are still a popular choice in many homes, and for some, they can be a relatively cheap way to entirely change the appearance of a room. So you might think that laying a carpet yourself should be relatively easy, and to some people, it’s as easy as one two three, however, it may not always be so easy.
One of the hardest parts of laying your new carpet is getting any intricate cuts right. Straight walls and square rooms are relatively easy, however, not all walls are straight, and stairs can prove a bit of a minefield.
Ensuring that your carpet is tacked down in all the right places, along with accurate cuts meaning that the carpet is not too loose in areas can make for the perfect fit.

Fitting Vinyl Tiles

There are two different types of our luxury vinyl tiles, these are glue down (dryback) and click versions. With patience, both of these can be easily fitted, proving you take care at each step.
It is important to remember that you are using the right glues and underlay otherwise your vinyl tiles will not stick and can cause you issues in the future.

Each of our fitters are experts, meaning that no matter which new flooring you have chosen, they will give you the very best results. Having your floor fitted by experts can help to increase its life expectancy. So contact a member of our team today to discuss having your floor laid today.

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