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Everything You Need to Know About Real Wood Flooring

15 Apr 2020

Value Carpets and Flooring often get questions about our range of real wood flooring. Giving you the natural beauty and character of wood, it is easier to install and much more stable than other types of flooring.

Here are some of the questions we get asked the most and their answers.

5 Essential Questions Answered about Real Wood Flooring

Can Wooden Flooring Be Fitted Anywhere?

Most floors from Value Carpets can be used in any room as long as it is free of damp and all plaster and concrete are completely dry. Exceptions include bathrooms or other areas with high humidity where only a limited number of floors are suitable. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to ask our team.

Can You Fit Wooden Floors over Underfloor Heating?

Most real wooden floors are compatible with underfloor heating, although if you let us know when you are considering purchasing we can advise if it will be suitable for your property.
It is also important to check whether your underfloor heating system can accommodate real wooden floors and is still powerful enough to heat the room as required whilst taking into account the thickness of flooring and underlay needed.

How Is a Wooden Floor Fitted?

Solid oak floors need to be glued or nail fixed. The fixing method can often depend on the product you choose and the type of subfloor you have. Further information on fixing methods can be shared by the Value Carpets and Flooring team.

Is a Wooden Floor Thicker Than Carpet?

Wooden floors are generally thicker than carpet but to what extent depends on the product you choose and the fitting used for installation. Any height difference between rooms can usually be simply and discreetly accommodated with an appropriate threshold and plus a small adjustment to the door.

Can I Use Masking Tape to Protect My Floor when Painting the Skirting?

No, all adhesive tape, even those marked as low tack contain solvents that damage your flooring finish. From our experience, the most efficient way to protect your floor if you are decorating the skirting after your floor is fitted is to use a sheet of newspaper and slip it under the skirting.

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