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What is the Difference between Herringbone and Chevron Hardwood Floors?

15 May 2020

It is a common occurrence for people not to know the difference between Chevron and Herringbone patterns of hard wood flooring.

The difference is all in the zigzag, where Chevron patterns have a continuous zigzag design and Herringbone patterns have a broken zigzag design.

Explaining the Different Hard Wood Flooring Patterns

Chevron – The Chevron zigzag pattern comes to a sharp point, much like the letter V on repeat. For Chevron hardwood floors, the pieces are cut at an angle and fitted together to form a true point.

Herringbone – This pattern is created by placing rectangles in a staggered zigzag. For Herringbone floors, the wood is not cut at an angle, but in rectangles that are laid in a broken zigzag pattern.

The Installation Process Explained

Most of these designs are installed by glueing to a wood or concrete subfloor, this is because of the detailed need to ensure proper and constant alignment at all times. This process can take a considerable amount of time, especially for chevron hardwood floor tiles as every plank end is cut at a 45 degrees angle to create a point that eventually creates a ‘V’.

Flooring experts have looked at this process and have, in turn, created chevron and herringbone flooring that is quick and easy to install. You are now able to purchase pre-made planks that have the chevron and herringbone pattern already added to the larger plank.

The advantage is that it can be easily glued, stapled or floated by the Value Carpets installation crew. The saving on labour costs alone makes both types of hardwood floor tiles a worthwhile investment – plus they look stunning!

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