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Caring For Real Wood Flooring

25 Apr 2021

Here at Value Carpets and Flooring we offer a range of both real wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. Both of which offer attractive and functional flooring in any room in your home. But how can you keep this type of flooring clean without damaging the attractive appearance?

Cleaning Real Wood Flooring

Real wood flooring is one of the most beautiful styles of flooring that can be found within our homes. However, keeping up that natural beauty can be a little more hard work than simply mopping your kitchen tiles.
Here are a few tips that can help you to keep your hardwood flooring looking just as fresh as the day it was laid.

  • Clean any spillages up straight away – liquid sitting on the surface of real wood can not only stain the surface, it can also soak into the wood and leave lasting damage.
  • Use softer bristles to clean up any dirt on the floor. Rather than hard bristles that may scratch and scar the wood. We also avoid using the hoover as this too can leave marks.
  • Use an appropriate cleaner. We recommend using a PH neutral cleaner, or one developed specifically for real wood.
  • Use a soft microfibre cloth to rub in or clean your floor with the cleaner.
  • Use a fresh cloth to dry the surface and wipe away any excess cleaner.
  • Periodically use an appropriate oil or wax to keep your flooring looking healthy.

Preventative Methods

As attractive as hardwood flooring is, we have to note that it can be easily damaged. There are a number of preventative measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of damage. However, they might not be practical for everyone.

  • Remove outdoor shoes before walking on real wood flooring. Bricks and alike can be brought in from outdoor, these can leave marks on the floor or scratch.
  • Avoid using a hoover. Things can get caught up in the rota without you realising and scratch the surface. The rollers on the hoover may also leave marks on the floor.
  • Use pads on furniture legs. There are a number of products that you can purchase to attach to the base of your furniture to make it softer on the real wood flooring.
  • Never drag anything. Always avoid dragging things across your floor, regardless of how soft or light you consider them to be.
  • Avoid using a steam mop as this can penetrate the surface and cause damage with continued use.

For more information on caring for your real wood flooring, please contact a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you. Head back to our blogs regularly for more information from the team here at Value Carpets and Flooring.

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