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What are the best colours for laminate flooring?

04 Jul 2021

If you are considering investing in laminate flooring and are not sure what style to opt for, Value Carpets and Flooring is here to help!

For this blog we will share some of the most popular colours are customers are choosing that will get your creative mind thinking.

The variety of choices for laminate flooring

When it comes to interior design, colour is everything. Mood boards, inspiration pages and home decor magazines will help generate ideas but will they match up with the trends of 2021?

Grey Laminate – This colour has been a staple of laminate trends in recent years and continues to be popular with our customers. With its sleek and neutral appearance, this colour has unmatched versatility plus it complements a number of colour palettes in your room design.

Whether you are looking for a bold aesthetic or a subtle design, grey laminate gives you a beautiful contemporary finish.

Light Wood Laminate – Another popular colour trend for 2021, is the neutral minimalistic aesthetic with light wood coloured furnishings fitting well with neutral walls and pampas grass.

Introducing these tones creates a warm and welcoming space for the entire family to sit back and relax in. Does this sound like something you want out of your space? Then, you should seriously consider a light wood laminate look.

Dark Laminate – Dark wood flooring is often described as classic, luxury and sophisticated. If you are looking for a touch of timeless charm with your flooring, dark laminate will definitely turn your head.

Darker shades of laminate complement bold designs and contrast well with bright colours, as it helps to accentuate colourful pieces and furnishings, making them stand out more in your space.

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