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How To Properly Clean Hardwood Floors

04 Apr 2022

There are many ways of cleaning a hardwood floor. However, if you want to do it the right way, there are a few specific steps you should follow in order to generate the best results. 

In this short article from Value Carpet and Flooring, we’ll be taking you through these steps. Our hope is that by following this routine you’ll be able to clean your floor to a perfect, mirror-like sheen every time. 

Avoid Flooding Your Floor 

Firstly, it’s important to remember that, while you’ll be using water to clean your floor, you really don’t want to get your floor wet. By this we mean that it’s important to not go overboard with the amount of water you put on your floor. 

This is because water really doesn’t react well when it comes into contact with a lot of water. Not only is damp and mold a potential issue, but you’ll also have to deal with the possibility of warping. In order to avoid such an eventuality, it’s best to not use too much water when mopping your floors. Remember: your mop should be damp. Not soaking. 

Using the Right Cleaner

Most likely you’ll be using a combination of water and some other cleaning fluid as part of your cleaning routine. When choosing a cleaning routine, it’s important to remember a few things. The first is that you  shouldn’t use furniture sprays, waxes or oils.

Furniture polish has been designed  specifically for furniture, most likely for leather furniture, making it unsuitable for use as a floor cleaning material. There are a number of commonly cited materials for use as cleaning materials; however, in truth, few of these are suitable for floor cleaning. 

Applying furniture polish also leaves a slippery surface, similar to an ice skating rink. Oil, meanwhile, creates an unsightly residue that is neither aesthetically pleasing or ideal to walk on. Likewise, wax takes a considerable amount of time to apply properly. Lemon juice mixed with water or vinegar and water solutions should also be avoided, as these can damage the floor’s finish, as will straight ammonia, alkaline products, or abrasive cleaners. 

Or Plain Old Soap and Water

If you’re recommended a floor cleaning solution by the place you bought your wooden flooring from, you should use that, as doing otherwise could potentially void your warranty. If you don’t have access to it, our recommendation is to use plain old soap and water. Your soap should be a PH-neutral soap, such as liquid dishwashing soap, and you should add no more than a ¼ of a cup to a bucket of water. 

Cleaning Your Floor

The first step in cleaning your floor is sweeping it thoroughly, making sure that all large and medium-sized particles have been removed from the cleaning area. 

Next, mix your cleaning solution following this mix this material. This material should be mixed gently, in order to ensure a consistent consistency. If you’re using another cleaning solution – one that involves chemicals — make sure that you do so in a well-ventilated environment. 

Next, it’s time to clean your floor. The best way to do this is in small sections at a time, making sure that you don’t put too much water or cleaning solution on the floor and that you  dry as you  go. After you’ve finished cleaning your chosen area, it’s time to move  on to  the other areas. 

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